Breathe by Anushka Shivdasani Rovshen and Madhuri Mohindar

The Film explores the intersections between identity, sexuality, mental health and the many alleys through which women negotiate freedom and dignity. It interweaves the stories of Swati and Ray, as they redefine the boundaries of intimacy, desire and relationships.

Philadelphia, USA
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Thiruvananthapuram; Calcutta; Pune; Delhi; Kochi; Bangalore; India

Anushka Shivdasani Rovshen�s independent film work explores conditions of the human mind. They have been screened at the Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, as well as several international festivals at Karachi, Amsterdam, Torronto and Prague, among others. Anushka taught documentary filmmaking at Sophia Polytechnic College. Her company Running Cow films has directed and produced films for GE India, HP Printers, DHL and Harley Davidson, amongst others.

Madhuri Mohindar has directed various documentaries exploring immigration, race and gender including Can't Hide Me, My Kashmir and Red Roses, which have screened at New York, LA, Kenya and Afghanistan. She has created award winning multimedia campaigns and documentaries in India and the US for various non-profits including Breakthrough and Dasra.

  • Cast: Rachna (Ray) Iyer, Swati Agrawal
  • Cinematographer: Maulshri Singh
  • Editor: Navnita Sen
  • Music: The Jamroom
  • Sound Mixer: Jarvis Marcedo
  • Project Partner: Human Capability Foundation

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