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Cinema City: Mumbai – II: DHANANJAY KULKARNI ‘CHANDRAGUPT’ by Rrivu Laha

DHANANJAY KULKARNI ‘CHANDRAGUPT’ A journey of migrants to the dream city through the track of filmi aspirations. The Cinema City series was co-produced by Madhusree Dutta, Majlis. Madhusree is a filmmaker, curator, author and cultural activist.

Tehran, Iran
Prague, Czech Republic
Delhi, India
Mumbai, India

A graduate of FTII, Rrivu Laha began his career in films, assisting Rakesh Sharma on his film Final Solution. He now works as a freelance cinematographer and director. His first documentary Aamchi Kasauti received several awards and accolades at national and international film festivals.

  • Research: Rucha Hushing, Pradeep Waghmare
  • Cinematography: Rrivu Lahu
  • Editing: Richa Hushing
  • Sound Design: Ajit singh Rathore
  • Assistance in Direction: Pradeep Waghmare
  • Assistance in Camera: Jigmet Wanchuk
  • Assistance in Sound : Radha Krishnan
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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