Diaspura by Ajay Raina

Taking off from Prime Minister Narendra Modi�s spectacular address to Indian � American community at Madison Square Garden in 2014, the Film is an observational study of the subculture of a wide cross section of the Indian immigrant community in USA. It explores the process of identity formation of Indian settlers, while focussing on the critical relationship of their politics to the reality of regressive, majoritarian and identity based politics back home. This politics manifests in the form of the desire of many Indian-American communities to build fortresses of �little Indias� in many parts of USA, where they can express their relationship with their mother country, through reimagining of a pristine cultural heritage and an intense involvement, even interference, in its political life.

Ajay Raina, an alumnus of FTII, is a filmmaker, writer and teacher. He has won the National Film Award, the Golden Conch at Mumbai, among others. He is the founder of www.kashmiroralhistory.org and Co-Curator and Organiser of the touring film festival Kashmir Before Our Eyes. He has conducted many workshops on documentary filmmaking and also taught courses in Cinema Studies and Cinema/ TV Production at the University of Pennsylvania and at FTII.

  • Cinematographer: Ajay Raina
  • Editors: Ajay Raina, Ujjwal Utkarsh
  • Sound Recordists: Vipin Bhatti, Ajay Raina
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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