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The House on Gulmohar Avenue by Samina Mishra

A film about home and belonging, tracing the Filmmaker’s personal journey to understand what it means to be a Muslim in India.

Karachi International Film Festival, Pakistan
SiGNS, Kerala
Tri-Continental Film Festival, South Africa
International Film Festival, Dhaka
IAWRT Film Festival, New Delhi
Commonwealth Film Festival, Manchester
Indo American Arts Council Film Festival, New York
Chennai Film Festival

A graduate of Delhi University and Mass Communications at Jamia Millia Islamia, Samina Mishra works as a documentary filmmaker, writer, facilitator/teacher and sound recordist, and has a special interest in media for children. Her short stories The Goat That Got Away, Looking through Glass and The House at the Corner have appeared in anthologies by Scholastic, The Wisdom Tree and Penguin.

  • Cinematography: Mrinal Desai
  • Location Sound: S Subramanian
  • Editing: Shan Mohammed
  • Music: Sawan Dutta
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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