Door/ Home by Varun Ram Kurtkoti

A poetic exploration of Dharwad, a city split between two narratives of identity: a cultural capital, home to literary and musical greats of Karnataka and an industrial, 'smart' city. Can a city be so separate from its reality that it fails to understand its own character? Does the city suffer, feel happy and reflect on melancholy? The Film asks if we and our memories are connected to our homes and towns in more ways than we know.

Varun Ram Kurtkoti is a writer, filmmaker and visual artist, primarily working in the areas of individual memory in relation to the collective, the politics of identity and oral cultures. A graduate from Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology, his love for storytelling - specifically, oral forms of storytelling - started with his grandfather's storytelling sessions. Kurtkoti is fascinated with experimenting with voice, language and music as mediums of furthering knowledge and exploring their impact on human relationships and identities.

  • Cinematographer, Editor: Varun Ram Kurtkoti
  • Line Producer, Editor Assistant: Ravi Ranjan
  • Location Sound Recordist, Production Manager: Pavan Inchal
  • Sound Designer: Himanshu Prabhaa
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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