Ek Inquilab Aur Aaya: Lucknow 1920-1949 by Uma Chakravarti

A documentary set in Firanghi Mahal, an institution for rationalist Islamic scholarship founded in the late 17th century. Through two women, Sughra Fatema and her niece Khadija Ansari, it tells the unknown stories of women and their struggles to find their own ways of being in a time of dramatic changes. One wrote poetry to express herself and the other became a student activist who went to jail for being a revolutionary.

Madrid, Spain
Johannesburg, South Africa
Mumbai; Kolkata; Thrissur; Madurai; Bangalore; Pondicherry; New Delhi; Thiruvananthapuram; India

Uma Chakravarti is a feminist historian turned filmmaker. She has taught history to many generations of women students and been associated with the women's movement and the movement for democratic rights. She has co-authored Delhi Riots: Three days in the Life of a Nation and published books on Buddhism, Caste and Gender, among others. Her films are deeply rooted in history, memory and the archive. Her first film A Quiet Little Entry explored the plight of women�s lives during the National Movement, while Fragments of a Past revolves around a political activist who does not remember her own past.

  • Cinematographers: Ranjan Palit, Maheen Mirza, Uma Tanuku
  • Location Sound Recordists: Sushil Kumar, Maheen Mirza, Uma Tanuku
  • Editor: Anupama Chandra
  • Sound Designer: Vipin Bhati
  • Music Composer: Mohammed Hameed Khan
  • Singer: Dipta Bhog
  • Additional Cinematographer: Desmond Roberts
  • Additional Sound Recordist: Shashwat
  • Art Designer: Priyanka Chhabra, Anupama Chandra
  • Researcher: Sidra Faria
  • Narrators: Shad Naved, Arjuman Ara, Rizwana
  • Actors: Farah Batool, Megha Bahl, Anoushka, Rizwana, Upali
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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