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Fragments of a Past by Uma Chakravarti

The Film locates the life and work of a woman political activist in her everyday existence, the relationships she lives out at home and in her work and the political affiliations she tries to hold together, even as they are subjected to multiple stresses

International Film Festival,Thrissur
Our Lives… To Live Film Festival, Mumbai
Moving Images Film Festival, Hyderabad
Udaipur Film Festival
Gauhati International Festival

Uma Chakravarti is a feminist historian turned filmmaker. She has taught history to many generations of women students and been associated with the women's movement and the movement for democratic rights. She has co-authored Delhi Riots: Three days in the Life of a Nation and published books on Buddhism, Caste and Gender, among others. Her films are deeply rooted in history, memory and the archive. Her first film A Quiet Little Entry explored the plight of women�s lives during the National Movement.

  • Cinematography: Umadevi Tanuku
  • Sound: Asheesh Pandya
  • Editing: Anupama Chandra
  • Project Partner: Films Division

Festival, screening and distribution queries: distribution@psbt.org