I'm Not There by Ajita Banerjie

The Film explores the intersections between migration and gender. How migration as a journey is not only shifting in physical space, but the ability to leave behind a self one does not identify with and move to a new space, seeking a new identity.

Torino, Italy
Leeds, England
Philadelphia, USA
Thiruvananthapuram; Calcutta; Mumbai; Delhi; India

Ajita Banerjie is a researcher on gender and sexuality rights. This is her first film.

  • Cinematographer: Udit Khurana
  • Editors: Faisal Alam, Shilpi Gulati
  • Sound Recordist: Gayas Eapen
  • Music Composer: Ammar Rashid
  • Project Partner: Human Capability Foundation

Festival, screening and distribution queries: distribution@psbt.org