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Ishq, Dosti and All That by Rituparna Borah, Srishti Lakhera, Bhamati Sivapalan, Ritambhara Mehta

The Film is a light-hearted take on the lives of a transman and a lesbian, as they reflect on their loves, crushes, desires, dating experiences, friendships and intimate relationships.

Philadelphia, USA
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Calcutta; Mumbai; Pune; Bangalore; Chennai; India

Rituparna Borah and Ritambhara Mehta are part of Nazariya, a Delhi-based queer feminist resource group working on issues of gender and sexuality, with a focus on lesbian, bisexual, queer, genderqueer, non-binary people assigned gender female at birth, and transmen.

Bhamati Sivapalan is an independent filmmaker and editor based in New Delhi. Her work has been around documenting community struggles and social movements.

Srishti Lakhera is a filmmaker and community trainer, presently directing a full-length documentary about the abandonment of a Himalayan village.

  • Cinematographer: Srishti Lakhera
  • Sound Designer, Editor: Bhamati Sivapalan
  • Sound Recordists: Bhamati Sivapalan, Ritambhara Mehta, Rituparna Borah
  • Project Partner: Human Capability Foundation

Festival, screening and distribution queries: distribution@psbt.org