It’s a Boy by Vani Subramanian

Using the lens of culture to explore common beliefs about daughters and sons within the family and outside, the Film travels to Bombay, Delhi, Benares and Shillong, to reveal how the current crisis of sex ratios had been foretold by those on the forefront of the campaigns against sex determination and pre-selection.

Stuttgart, Germany (Award)
Ithaca, USA
Thrissur; Chennai; Delhi; Jaipur; Bengaluru; Hyderabad; India

One-time advertising writer, Subramanian has been a women's rights activist and documentary filmmaker since the nineties. Her work as a filmmaker explores the connections between everyday practices and larger political questions, be they in the areas of culture, food production, primary education, urban development, communalism, sex selective abortions or matters of identity embedded in our food practices. Her films have been screened, and received awards, both nationally and internationally. More recently, Vani has extended her practice to mixed media work.

  • Cinematographers: Pooja Sharma, Tarun Bharatiya, Bibhumay Sarangi, Vani Subramanian
  • Editor: Manoj jain
  • Music Composer: Da-Saz
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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