Krishna's Waiting Room by Kavita Bahl and Nandan Saxena

The Film is an introspective journey into the lives of the widows of Vrindavan – waiting for death in the land of Krishna. Societal norms and the politics of inheritance and economic entitlement ensure that women get shortchanged. While some find solace in spirituality and others in the sisterhood of ashram-life, the vast majority of the migrant women in Vrindavan beg on the streets. Why did they come? What made them stay? What does Vrindavan mean to them?

Cumberland, Maryland
Prague, Czech Republic
Thrissur; Shimla; Hyderabad; Delhi; Kolkata; India

Kavita Bahl and Nandan Saxena are award-winning independent filmmakers and media-trainers. Quitting journalism to tell stories through film, they set up Top Quark Films in 1997, and have since made a number of films exploring ecology, livelihoods, development and human rights. Nandan and Kavita have won three National Film Awards, among others.

  • Cinematographers: Nandan Saxena, Kavita Bahl, Sarjeet Kajla, Sanjay Malakar
  • Location Sound Recordists: Sarjeet Kajla, Sanjay Malakar
  • Editor: A K Thavaraj
  • Sound Designer: A K Thavaraj
  • Colourist: Rajiv Mudgal
  • Narrator: Kavita Bahl
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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