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Laying Janaki to Rest by Madhureeta Anand

The Film explores the symbolic relationship of Sita, the Goddess from the epic Ramayana, with the image of women in India.

Lokayat Savitri Film Festival, Pune

Madhureeta Anand has directed many documentary films and series, spanning a variety of genres and won several awards including the Royal Television Society Craft Award and the Silver Conch at the Mumbai International Film Festival, for her film Walking on A Moonbeam. She is the Director of the 0110 Digital Film Festival that tours nine cities in India.

  • Cinematography: Prasant, Nusrat Jafrin
  • Sound: Mohit
  • Editing: Ambarien Al Qadar, Neha Choudhary, Vani
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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