Mardistan by Harjant Gill

Through the experiences of four men, the Film explores notions of contemporary manhood and the different dimensions of what it means to be a man in rapidly changing India today.

Kochi, India (Award)
Paris, France
New York; San Francisco; Seattle; Washington DC; USA
Stuttgart, Germany
York, UK
Hague, The Netherlands
Toronto; Ontario; Canada
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Prayag; Delhi; Mumbai; Calcutta; India

Dr Harjant Gill is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and visual anthropologist, whose work explores the intersections of gender, sexuality, religion, citizenship, transnationality and notions of belonging, with a particular focus on Indian and diasporic masculinities. His films have screened at film festivals, academic conferences and on television, including BBC, Doordarshan and PBS.

  • Cinematographer: Pearl Sandhu
  • Editor: Harjant Gill
  • Assistant Director: Abhishek Sharma
  • Additional Cinematographer: Gopi Shastri
  • Assistant Editor: Chris Droukas
  • Graphic Designer: Giles D'Souza
  • Music Composer: Rashad Ullah
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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