Memory of a Light by Sandhya Kumar

A visual essay on nostalgia for the childhood house. Does the core of this experience lie in the structure and design of the house or in things that cannot be measured, yet make impressions on the senses?

Indian Documentary Producers’ Association

Mumbai, India
Kochi, India
Thrissur, India
Bangalore, India

Sandhya Kumar is a Film and Communications graduate from the San Francisco Art Institute and Jamia Millia University. Her documentary O Friend, This Waiting! won the National Film Award for its unconventional exploration of the Devadasi tradition in South India. Sandhya is a trustee of Vikalp Bengaluru, a filmmakers collective committed to creating platforms for documentary films to reach wider audiences.

  • Cinematographer: Saumyananada Sahi
  • Sound Recordist: Christopher Burchell
  • Editor: Sandhya Kumar
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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