Nirnay by Pushpa Rawat and Anupama Srinivasan

The Film is Pushpa’s journey as she tries to make sense of her own life and those of her women friends. Set in a lower middle class colony in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, it explores the lives of women, who are young, educated and bright, but feel bound and helpless when it comes to taking any major decision regarding their lives.

Pramod Pati Award for Most Innovative Film, Mumbai International Film Festival
Indian Documentary Producers’ Association Awards
Best Documentary, Mumbai Women's International Film Festival
World Film – Tartu Festival of Visual Culture, Estonia
3rd i Film Festival, San Francisco
Tempo Documentary Festival, Stockholm
SiGNS, Kerala
Our Live, No! to Gender Violence Film Festival
0110 International Digital Film Festival, Mumbai
Madurai International Film Festival
Human Rights Festival, Chennai
Persistence Resistance Film Festival, New Delhi
Dialogues: Calcutta Film Festival
Sikkim Film Fest
Dharamshala International Film Festival
Kino Otok Isola Cinema,
Udaipur Film Festival, Udaipur
Wandering Women Docu Film Festival,India
Sonapani Spring Film Festival, Nainital

Pushpa Rawat has an MA in Philosophy, but her heart has been in filmmaking ever since she attended a filmmaking workshop by documentary filmmaker Anupama Srinivasan. That first brush with cinema drew her in and she continues to love the feeling of exploring the world through her camera. Nirnay is her debut film as director and been screened widely. She is a recipient of the TISS-SMCS Early Career Fellowship, under which she made Mod, winner of the Silver Award at the IDPA Awards for Excellence.

Anupama Srinivasan is a Delhi based freelance filmmaker. An alumna of Harvard University and the Film and Television Institution of India, she has been making documentaries for twenty years. Her films I Wonder, On my Own and On my Own Again have been screened at major film festivals across the world. Anupama was the Director of the IAWRT Asian Womens Film Festival for three years (2013-15), and of the Peace Builders International Film Festival in 2016.

  • Cinematographer, Location Sound Recordist: Pushpa Rawat
  • Editor: Anupama Srinivasan
  • Sound Designer: Asheesh Pandya
  • Project Partner: Films Division

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