Purple Skies by Sridhar Rangayan

The Film weaves together stories of pain, trauma, hope and happiness of lesbian, bisexual and trans (LBT) persons to offer an evocative, endearing tapestry of contemporary Indian LBT lives - sometimes sad, sometimes anguished, sometimes dreamy and often humorous.

San Francisco; Seattle; Chicago; North Carolina; New York; USA
Geneva, Switzerland
Dublin, Ireland
Prague, Czech Republic
luj-Napoca, Romania
Jakarta, Indonesia
Florence; Lecce; Italy
Seoul, South Korea
Montreal; Waterloo; Canada
Lahore, Pakistan
Glasgow, Scotland
Sodome, Mexico
Durban, South Africa
Region Metropolitana, Chile
Copenhagen, Denmark
Zagreb, Croatia
Mumbai; Calcutta; Kolkata; Bangalore; Chennai; India

Sridhar Rangayan is an Indian filmmaker whose films engage with hard-hitting social issues with warmth, compassion and humour. These award winning films are at the forefront of India’s emergent queer cinema movement and have been screened at over hundred national and international film festivals, won several awards and received critical acclaim. Sridhar has served as a jury member at Berlin, and Movies that Matter, the Netherlands. He is the Founder and Director of Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival.

  • Cinematographers: Subranshu Das, Ayaskant Baral, Jaspreet Singh, Pramod Nayak, Sumanto Mhato
  • Editor: Pravin Angre
  • Music Composer: Suresh Iyer
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

Festival, screening and distribution queries: distribution@psbt.org