She's My Girl by Meera Dewan

Haryana's alarmingly low sex ratio has brought them all together: a motley group of budding writers, singers, actors and organiserswho perform community theatre- Jathas. Their many hundred journeys through the girl-unfriendly landscape of their State are made with a single purpose: motivating communities to value their daughters.

Madurai; Pune; India

Meera Dewan is a National Award winning filmmaker who has been filming extensively in India and across the world since 1983. Her award winning documentaries range in myriad themes including equality for women, children , on environment protection and many others. Her films have won over 21 international and national awards including IFFI, Oberhausen, Leipzig. Meera has been a jury on festivals like Okomedia, Freidbergand the Indian Panorama.

  • Cinematographer: Rajiv Rai
  • Sound Recordist: M Ram Chander
  • Editors: Ravi Verma, S. Mohanan
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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