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Shovana by Aparna Sanyal

Padmashri Shovana Narayan brought classical dance into the lives of ordinary people, through over six decades of devotion to her art. As a bureaucrat, guru, researcher, scholar, wife and mother, she has delighted in going against the grain, and living authentically, with an air of purpose that is at once resolute and gentle. The Film brings to the fore the deeply reflective, generous and sensitive artist that lies behind the vivacious public image.

IAWRT Travelling Film Festival

Aparna Sanyal is a filmmaker and producer based in Delhi, who has worked extensively
on documentaries and TV shows, for channels like Discovery, History, National Geographic, Times Now, Headlines Today, CNN and the BBC. Recognised by the British Council for Creative Entrepreneurship, she is a National Award Winner and a Charles Wallace Grant recipient. Her films include Tedhi Lakeer - The Crooked Line, A Drop of Sunshine, A Land, Strangely Familiar, Shunyata - when Kathak met Cham and The Monks who won the Grammy.

  • Cinematography: Basit Jamal
  • Sound: Ramsha Alam, Aparna Sanyal
  • Editing: Pooja Iyengar
  • Music: Manas Baruah
  • Graphic and Animation: Anand Kalpakaserry
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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