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The Pangti Story by Sesino Yhoshu

The Film explores the transition of an entire village from one that slaughtered hundreds and thousands of Amur Falcons, the longest travelling raptors in the world, who fly from Siberia every fall to roost in Pangti, a small village in Nagaland, to becoming their most fervent preservationists.

National Award, India
Kolkata, India
California, USA

International Broadcasters' Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece
Budapest, Hungary
Matsalu, Estonia
Pokhara, Nepal
Krakow, Poland
Kochi, India
Bangalore, India
Trivandrum, India
Delhi, India
Goa, India

Sesino Yhoshu is a filmmaker from Nagaland who specialised in Electronic Cinematography from FTII, followed by a Master's in Documentary from Royal Holloway, London. She has made several films. Her film Apfütsa was screened at the National Portrait Gallery, London and The Rubin Museum, New York.

  • Cinematography : Sesino Yhoshu, Megotsolie Dolie
  • Sound and Editing: Neithonuo Tungoe
  • Music: Jonathan Lushai
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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