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The Stork Saviours by Vijay and Ajay Bedi

The Film follows the initiatives of conservation biologist Purnima Burman and her quest to involve community women in Assam, to save the Hargilla, a critically endangered bird, coming together as the Hargilla Army.

Vijay and Ajay Bedi belong to the third generation of wildlife filmmakers in a family that has a long history of expertise in this highly specialised field. They are is in fact, the youngest Asians to have won the Wildscreen Awards at Bristol, UK - the Green Oscars, for their films. They have worked on natural history documentary films for CNN International, Aljazeera English, Canadian Television, BBC, Channel 4 Television, Doordarshan, National Geographic and Discovery Channel. They are the only Indians to have been nominated for the highest awards in Television - the Emmy Awards.

  • Cinematographers, Editors: Vijay Bedi, Ajay Bedi
  • Sound: Ajay Bedi
  • Research: Purnima Barman
  • Script: Bahar Dutt
  • Project Partner: Films Division

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