To Think like a Woman by Arpita Sinha

The Film reflects on the numerous silences that shroud the lives of young, educated, ‘independent’, ‘modern’, single women in urban India.

Stuttgart, Germany
Chennai; Thrissur; Bangalore; India

Arpita Sinha is an independent filmmaker, communications consultant and writer based in New Delhi. She has worked variously – with television networks, production houses, magazines, international organisations, NGOs and made corporate firms on issues of gender, education, emerging urban sociologies, environment and health.

  • Cinematographer: Apal Singh
  • Sound Recordist and Additional Cinematographer: Pankaj Bhakuni
  • Editor: Stefan Huck
  • Narrators: Laili D Hazarika, Mayukh Hazarika
  • Music Composer: Mayukh Hazarika
  • Dancers: Charu Shankar, Swaati Chattopadhyay
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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