+ve Living by C. Vanaja Kumari

The story of women living with HIV, who defied destiny and persisted on their journey in life, against social ostracism and an uncertain future, with dignity and hope.

Hyderabad, India (Award)
Geneva, Switzerland
Mumbai; Chennai; Thrissur; India

C. Vanaja Kumari is an award winning journalist and filmmaker based in Hyderabad whose work focuses on issues of development. She has extensive experience across multiple media – print, broadcast, electronic and web. Her critically acclaimed and award winning documentaries include Red Corridor, Smarana and Breeding Invasions.

  • Cinematographer: Gnanashekhar
  • Sound Recordist: Shalini Agarwal
  • Editors: Kiran Ganti, Dindinath
  • Music: eSwara
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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