Apour Ti Yapour. Na Jang Na Aman. Yeti Chu Talukpeth (Between Border and the Fence. On Edge of a Map.) by Ajay Raina

The Film delves into the untranslatable in Kashmir, maps the distance it has travelled emotionally and psychologically from the idea of India. After decades of turmoil and the consequent Indian State response, has Kashmir come to a point from where there is nowhere else to go?

Prague, Czech Republic
Kathmandu, Nepal
Seattle, USA
Santander, Spain
Sydney, Australia
Trento, Italy
Thrissur; Mumbai; Delhi; India

Ajay Raina, an alumnus of FTII, is a filmmaker, writer and teacher. He has won the National Film Award, the Golden Conch at Mumbai, among others. He is the founder of www.kashmiroralhistory.org and Co-Curator and Organiser of the touring film festival Kashmir Before Our Eyes. He has conducted many workshops on documentary filmmaking and also taught courses in Cinema Studies and Cinema/ TV Production at the University of Pennsylvania and at FTII.

  • Script Writer, Sound Recordist and Editor: Ajay Raina
  • Cinematographer: Arun Varma
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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