Girl Song by Vasudha Joshi

A look at the life of Anjum Katyal, a blues singer, drawing on her poems and songs. In her interactions with her mother and her daughter, we see how a cultural identity proudly woven from many strands is increasingly under threat from narrow and exclusionist definitions.

International Association of Women in Radio and Television Awards, (Award)
Kathmandu, Nepal
Stuttgart, Germany
Seattle, USA
Madrid, Spain
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Chennai; Mumbai; Bangalore; Trivandrum; India

Vasudha Joshi has been making documentaries for over two decades, which include Voices from Baliapal (National Award and Golden Conch), Follow the Rainbow, (Valais Award, Geneva) Mahila Samakhya, UP (Silver Conch), For Maya (Anandalok Editor’s Choice Award) and Cancer Katha, among others.

  • Cinematographer: Ranjan Palit
  • Sound Recordist: Partha Barman
  • Editor: Tarun Bhartiya
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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