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In a Shadowless Town (Bin Savlyanchya Gavat) by Gouri Patwardhan

How is a city made? What is remembered when it is being made? What is forgotten? Raising some crucial questions, the Film looks at how heritage walks in Pune seek to define the history of the city in a narrow mould, exclusive to the upper castes, while claiming to represent the city. What has the erasure of historic figures and buildings meant for the Dalit Bahujan community in the city, even as they struggle to reclaim some of them?

IAWRT Travelling Film Festival
Urban Lens Film Festival, Bangalore, Delhi
SiGNS, Kerala

After graduating from Goa College of Art and then the Film and Television Institute of India, Gouri Patwardhan moved on to make educational films for NCERT and UGC on themes of art, environment and inventive pedagogical practices. She has been part of collaborative video documenting projects with sociologists and anthropologists; with PUKAR, a Mumbai based urban knowledge production centre and with Dr Alexander Henn. Her independently produced documentary, Modikhanyachya Don Goshti (Two Tales of Modikhana), which explores an urban Dalit neighborhood through the artistic lens of two Dalit artists, won a National Film Award.

  • Cinematography: Sameer Mahajan
  • Location Sound: Raj Jadhav
  • Editing: Gouri Patwardhan, Ujjwal Utkarsh
  • Sound Design and Mixing: Vipin Bhati
  • Narration: Gouri Patwardhan
  • Additional Camera: Sunaina Singh, Pavan Dhavre
  • Research: Gouri Patwardhan, Sudhir Waghmare
  • Graphics: Pinak Banik
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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