Paradise on a River of Hell by Abir Bazaz and Meenu Gaur

The Film reflects and refracts the multiple experiences of tortured subjectivity in Kashmir in the 1990s

Karachi, Pakistan (Award)
New York, USA
Istanbul, Turkey
Delhi, India

Abir Bazaz is a writer and filmmaker from Kashmir. He is a recipient of the BBC and the United Mass Media Fellowship.

Meenu Gaur has directed a number of documentaries and is actively engaged in the issues of media, gender and politics and has won awards for acting.

  • Cinematographer: Shafqut Habib
  • Sound Recordists: Abir Bazaz, Meenu Gaur
  • Editors: Anil Kumar Jr., Ranish Pandit
  • Music Designer: Madan Gopal Singh
  • Narrators: Rajesh, Meenu Gaur
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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