Wapsi (The Returning) by Ajay Raina

For most Indians and Pakistanis, a visit to each other’s countries is a journey of return of various kinds – to nostalgia, hate, metaphor and reality. The Film is one such travelogue, a song of hope, love, longing and betrayal

National Film Awards, India (Award)
Thrissur, India (Award)

Ajay Raina, an alumnus of FTII, is a filmmaker, writer and teacher. He has won the National Film Award, the Golden Conch at Mumbai, among others. He is the founder of www.kashmiroralhistory.org and Co-Curator and Organiser of the touring film festival Kashmir Before Our Eyes. He has conducted many workshops on documentary filmmaking and also taught courses in Cinema Studies and Cinema/ TV Production at the University of Pennsylvania and at FTII.

  • Cinematographers: Arun Varma, Ajay Raina, Manoj Lobo
  • Sound Recordists: Samina Mishra, Nihar Samal
  • Editors: Ajay Raina, Vibhuti Jha
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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